Inspiration and Beliefs

Designed with love and created by hand, the Mined Jewels collection is fine jewelry from California. Jewelry is an extension of who wears it, a symbol of luck, celebration and love. It's more than an accessory and reflects a person and their beliefs. We use natural gemstones which are mindfully sourced and designed with nature, our environment and  mindful of its effect on us. The copper water bottles are an extension to bring health, inspired by the timeless knowledge of Ayurveda- The science of life. Grishmi began her journey into product design after practicing architecture and landscape for over a decade, but wanting to express her philosophy of life: Being happy, giving back to the world, and staying connected with yourself and the elements– which you are an intrinsic part of. As we bring a smile to our clients and see them sparkle, we like to give back to the beautiful people and environment which make us shine. We are committed to quality and are passionate about our work. We look forward to dazzle you with meaningful jewelry and timeless lifestyle artware