Inspiration and Beliefs

Jewelry for the modern woman, is a wearable work of art which brings forth her individuality, confidence and elegance which she carries with her into the world. I call it ‘Flamboyant yet Casual’. Mined Jewels as its name says it all, is Jewelry made with semi-precious gemstones mined from Mother Earth. Semiprecious gemstones have healing properties, and our Jewelry captivates that healing energy with an aesthetic flair.

I am a multi tasker like most other women! I am a mom first, studied Architecture and a passionate self-taught jeweler. I started designing and making jewelry out of pure passion and love for semiprecious gemstones. Working with beads became a meditation in motion for me where I could express my creativity. Each of the piece is mindfully handcrafted with conflict-free gemstones and pure brass or 925 sterling silver and created with care, love and an eye for detail.

We are located in the bay area, California. Thank you! For stopping by and I hope you will find that one treasure you would want to keep for yourself or to gift a dear one.

Thank you!

Grishmi Ghodke